Arrows always have to go back first in order to launch them forward

Ahum, I almost don’t know where to start. I haven’t been writing in a long time, it’s been so long that I had to check what my last post was all about. Apparently I haven’t got further since I walked the Camino de Santiago (el primitivo) An 11-day walk covering more than 350 km by foot. A unforgettable experience that is doable by everyone and I highly recommend it.

So Why has it been life changing for me?

  • Travelling alone is the most social thing you can do
  • Voluntary self-confrontation is the best self-help you can find

Of course I dealt with loads of other internal representations in my mind, but hear me out. These two are bigger than they appear at first sight.

Travelling alone

“To travel will change your point of view. To travel alone will change your point of view of YOU.”

Ever since my first time that I travelled alone I have done ALL my travels alone and I never met so many people or experienced so many unforgettable things.


Spending time alone does not exist in my world. When I don’t talk to you, I am talking to myself. That has been an eye-opening experience since I’ve increased my level op open-mindness and purposively decided to be an all-time optimist. This shit is powerful, I challenge to do this!!

“Take time to get to know yourself, it’s nice to meet you.”


To whomever it concerns, I apologize for the absence but I have my reasons (not excuses). But we are back and connected. I will explain what happened during this time and give you the positive twist that is so needed in life and grind deep in the dark side of the brain too.

P.S.: If you are to curious to wait you can always take a glimpse at my IG: @kiyurius


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