O my Buddha

The journey starts alone in the morning. It is autumn. Should I bring a jacket? A sweater will do, the time difference is six hours so that should count for something? The forecast says more than 30 degrees. I Throw the backpack on and close the door. I hesitate, “Did I forget something?” I realize I don’t have the key, closed means closed. Being unable to come up with something I decide to move forward, whatever I need I will buy when I arrive to Thailand. What is important is that I’ve got my passport and my credit card. No limit where I can go. I begin: walk, train, train, plane, plane, walk, train, taxi, Bangkok. Euhm? Well, this is different. Thoughts are racing through my head, so much has happened before this trip, so much is going to happen; but I have to prioritize. I mean, what now!? The stress becomes irrelevant, the city is so vivid. Every building is unique, every corner and street flows like a river


I am content with my walking shoes, my walking experience of the Camino  left them in a state of comfort. I walk for hours. “Hey my friend, where you from?” There is no hiding here, no escaping the tourist sign stapled to my forehead. People wanna sell, people have to survive. One can see every category here. The amount of rich people comes as a little surprise, but it is the poor people that I like. Yes, they charge you more but in moderation and always with a smile. If they do not smile is because they have no need for you. That is not why I like them, I genuinely respect their creativity. Here are people who have nothing and still find a way to survive in this urban jungle. A banana leaf can be a plate, a hat, a big spoon, you name it. A small scooter can be a bike, a trike, a food truck, a worker’s van,… Wow! Who are we to complain? For many people time really stopped. For me that was one of the best parts.

Knowledge, surely, is always of time, whereas knowing is not of time. Knowledge is from a source, from accumulation,from conclusion, while knowing is a movement.

–  Bruce Lee  –


2 thoughts on “O my Buddha

  1. Love reading you’re thoughts Bram, while your Exploring- inspiring ! You clearly get other perspectives when “time is given”, to stop, look and reflect on things. Keep moving Bram, and extend your knowledge of the streets of the world.


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