Pants on fire

Life is weird, wright? Even if you plan things it can all change, the other day I woke up and saw this odd looking circle from the window. I loved it. How could one expect such a thing? Who thinks in the morning that one will stand in awe that same day. But it is beautiful that we get these surprises, I know they also come in a negative form but joy needs sadness. Some times we need extra energy to cope with the sadness, which is never impossible to endure if we are cunning enough to recognize, stop and reload when joy wants to pay us a visit.

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.

     –  Marcus Aurelius  –

It is all about yourself. Maybe we do not think this way because we are programmed that being selfish is bad. Agreeing that it is all about you is something we to quickly relate to being selfish. Why do we argue, debate and discuss, because we all perceive things in our own ways. Our opinions are our own, not our actions and words. Should this be applied how we see the big picture in life? You have your own opinion, take habbit that no one has the same and embrace if they do, but our actions are on a different playground. They affect. In order to speak or do we should only do so if a positive reaction will occur. The history books are already full with people imposing themselves on others, do something different for a change you are not a monkey. I want to explain it simple, let’s break it down to some vietnamese egg rolls.


I was going to cook for friends, something new, something I never made before. “Do you know how to do it?” They asked. “No I do not” I replied. So, they asked because they were scared. There is always a lot on the line, people are hungry and validate evening supper as very important. A poor person worries about having dinner, others do not want their steak rare nor burned. If they ask if you even know how to do it instead of “Hmm that smells good”, they are thinking: “OMG, this guy is going to screw it up sending me way back to the era of the neanderthalers where we would sit with an empty stomach around the fire because little BiBi here can not hunt”. My opinion has to be a confident at this point, without the risk of failing to present a nice supper would be greater. Big picture is sharing a nice dinner. Personal opinion can not affect that if no negative personal opinions are translated into actions. Results are everything, the egg rolls were finger licking good. Ufff I was in the clear. All well ends well, but we are so spoiled are we not?

Image the egg rolls were uneatable. Two scenarios could occur. Scenario Nr.1: I cannot cook, they know it and I know they know it. Question: How soon would I invite a bunch of friends again for an exotic meal? Scenario Nr.2: I can cook, but the doubt made me nervous and the stress got me ruining the food, or they were too sceptic that they were unable to enjoy something unusual on their plates. Now this is interesting to me. Such a price is way to high for me. I love to much to discover a new types of food, probably more than I do with something I already know. Brings back a lot of memories of that Mascarpone cheese that I loved, ate so much and now have an italian cheese trauma. Separate opinions with the big picture, could have helped me in a lot of situations of life.


So I like to express myself in out of the ordenary fashions. Like lately when I kept an unusual beard. I got loads of different reactions.Do they realize that their opinions of me teaches me more than it does them? What could they possibly make of it more than: “This guy likes to experiment and just don’t give fuck. Best trick ever for confidence issues. When people give positive feedback about yourself, smile and say thank you. If they don’t, just say: “Whatever” and just carry on. Seriously it is that simple, not worth paying a psychiatrist for it. Turn around, there are other people who want to share the positive with you. Don’t be on the side of negativity, be on the turn.

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