A stranger that was a friend

Receive link. Click. Receive message. “Bram, this is the Adrían we met” Curious. Read, read again. Can’t be, can it? They found his back pack. Sunday missing. Body found, my spirit hit the ground. He was a good guy, a stranger that was a friend of mine. End of the road with only the memories intact, left behind with wonder. Only to explore the past as the future has been stolen from him. To soon. Stolen from him.

Happiness is to be found along the way, not at the end of the road, for then the journey is over and it is too late.

    –  Robert R. Updegraff  –


Blue sky, peaceful, I was thinking when I was walking on this beautiful day. Just me and myself, until out of the blue when I saw you. Such a smooth introduction, such a happy encounter. Two strangers and a tree, picking fruits. “¿Son ricas?” “Son riquisimos, la verdad” Back on the road, back on track. Short encounter, who would have known. No way of knowing. Words afterwards are easy. It is during when they are most valuable, most scarse. Modern kindness is lazy, exponed. Common reason for regret. Words afterwards are easy.

Same scenario, different weather. So much rain, I am wet. Music between the ears. A shadow on the right. The stranger from the fruit tree, in such a hurry. Sandals, two sticks, walking fast, walking past. He greets me I greet back. My gosh, look how big is his backpack.

Nightfall arrives at the table.To make room everybody moves over. The night is still young this memory is still not over. I see us here and then I see us there. Trying to remember all the things that night ocurred, Aaaa don’t forsake the memory for it is so blurred.


We will miss you Adrían. For a while we were on the same journey, now only I remain in a hurry. People were shocked. Nobody believes it, no possible way to have foreseen it. Thank you for the encounters, it was so fun to have you around us. ¡Buen camino! We will continue the journey next time we see you.

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