Paris 3D

After 24 hours in Madrid I gathered my things to go to Paris. If you only got one day with your friends it is always an intense experience. Carpe diem. Meep-meep, something like that I truly do not remember which sound my alarm makes just that I had to get up, get moving, get the bus, get to the airport and catch my flight


One day earlier

I arrived late at night, got a good friend picking me up at the airport. Feeling blessed with my network, they are there in time of need and thank god on time. You see, for the moment I do not even have a mobile phone. I had a company phone that I gave back when I left and decided to live without for a while. I was surprised how long I already had a cellular phone. Anyway, it is interesting, relaxing and difficult all at the same time. What if my friend does not show up? In the smartphone world any excuse can occur and any plan can be changed last minute. Not the way I am living now, not the way it was before.

“You will pick me up at 1am?”

smartphone scenario= I am going to be late, forgot my charger or I am going to be late I need to go to the ATM first.

No smartphone scenario= You better be at the time and place we agreed, because I might think you can not show up and take a cab.

Get the picture? Before we were so much more trustworthy, especially with making plans. Who honours appointments with friends and family these days? You have an appointment with your boss, you arrive on time. You have an appointment with your mother, you’ll probalbly arrive after 5 messages.

So as agreed my ride arrived. What a peach. I can rely on them and I got one day to spend with them, so I cook for them! 🙂 I wake up and buy breakfast, take the dog out for a walk and buy groceries to prepare an evening dinner. I have received so I give back and enjoy doing so. What can I say? It is simple but more than enough, just like my food haha. Then we drink and catch up. My problem was that I had a lot to tell and time just flew by. Ohow, I got to get up early!



The city is huge, I didn’t get that when I asked someone at the airport if this bus went to the center. “What center?” He replied. “Euhm, the  f@#k¡n& center of Paris. What do you mean, which center?” I thought to myself, since I was standing outside the airport of Paris Orly. Like 5 km from Paris city. Once I arrived in the city center I realized my mistake. There are so many arrondissements (neigbourhoods), there even is an island in the middle and it practically has the same amount of inhabitants as Belgium. So yup, I am in a new place and started to grasp that. This trip had two objectives: first visit a 3D-printshow to get up-to-date with the latest and see Paris, to be a tourist. Funny how I wanted to see Paris as a tourist, since I passed the city like 5 or 6 times but only stopped once to see a world championship rugby game. Not to mention the experience of driving 3 hours home with a broken car window. Haaa memories, so easy to look back and smile no matter if they were fun or not.


An artist has no home in Europe, except in Paris

–  Friedrich Nietzsche  –

The 3D show was interesting, missing some bits but making it up with some pleasant new surprises. Like these pieces of art above, made by the artist Duong Le-Thai   I found his work truly interesting and beautiful. The detail in the skull was so captivating to me. The technical side of the exhibition was interesting, but the best is still to come for the 3D printing business. It has a big future, but the real new technologies in 3D-printing are still in the works. Basically a conventional 3D printer just adds 2D layers on top of each other, this creates a 3D form but is techinally limited in usage. So the new ways are on the horizon, don’t worry it’s coming 😉

We cannot solve a problem with the same thinking we used when we created them.

–  Albert Einstein  –


So how do you think it is to be a tourist in Paris for the first time and it is cold and rains practically every day. Simply put, it is awesome but your photos suck tough! 🙂




Anyway, I probably would not post any better pictures then that you have already seen on poster or movies about this famous city and since I think I am not photogenetic I will neither bomb you with some selfies. I want to digg in some cool experiences, just like I said in the last post “Ultreia e suseia” I want to skip the small talk and get to the good bits immediately. Are you with me?


Look at the map above. What do you see? Wiseguys say: “Well, a map”. Travelers would say: “The center of Paris” and eagle-eyed people would say: “A map with doodles on it” That would be the correct answer, this map is my souvenir from Paris. Not a plastic Eiffel tower bought on the street or so overpriced in a souvenir shop, but advice of a person who lives there. I asked her what I had to see in Paris with these doodles and her comment as a result. Great! I took her word for it, since she was the responsible one to get me inside of a hidden bar. Now that concept was not new, but it was for me. As it appeared to be a group of three guys decided to turn there life around (Hmmm sounds familiar!?) and started a theme bar. It proved to be so succesfull that I was sitting in their third exclusive theme bar. The theme was “The prohibition”, isn’t that great? You had to enter to a small pizzeria, where the pizzas looked delish by the way, in order to enter what appeared to be a cocktail bar from the 50’s. Very Art-Deco interior and classy dressed personal, I am telling you I was digging the style. No way I would have found this bar without the aid of a local, I am sure that not all the locals even know this bar. The second bar was not so exclusive, but cool none the less. It needed a subway ride to get there (felt a bit like a local who knows his way around, nice) all this to enter a bar called Le-Kitsch. Guess the styling? Hehe 🙂 Do not welcome fear into your life, when you are in a new place say yes to fresh proposals, speak to the locals, ride the train of events, mingle. You’ll love it!

One more day to end it off with a market buying french cheese, wandering between the streets, buying a bottle of wine and listening to a good street band. What can I say? A nice weekend in Paris.


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