Love women wright

Never underestimate the power of a long protracted silence.

Hi there again, it feels so long since I have written a new post and because I am not an experienced writer I do not know if I will need 15 minutes or 15 hours to write this post, but that is not of any importance. What is important what I have been doing with my time. So I make myself a lot of green tea, play some piano music by Yann Thiersen and Let´s go!

So, Let´s recap. I have been participating in a contest for bloggers, the participation was not planned it was an act of impulse. Lots of good things happen by acting on impulse. That is a known fact for people who are not afraid to lose, they undertake more than the average over-thinker, simply because they want to win something and do not mind to loose. You loose, learn why! Next time you will be prepared. 😉 Wow, got that? That is called a winners attitude. It is simply the only way to win anything in life, think about it: “Can you win something if you have nothing to loose?”.  Does a footballer make a goal if he kicks the ball inside of the goalpost when there is no keeper to defend it? Does a racingdriver win first place if he is alone on the track? Nah, nada, nihil, hell no! It is not the same, not even by far.

That being said, I did not win the contest, although I was ranked sixth place in the end where the top 10 would have been selected. Huh!? What happened? I honestly do not know, if some bloggers jumped up 5 places to kick me out of the top 10 in the final hours. I think good for them, strong performance. I take my hat of to them. I made some very interesting contacts during this competition and most importantly for me I reached more readers who share their opinions. Which gives me great joy, it really does and I am grateful for that. It definitely has to be the path for this blog, not to be the strongest on all the social media platforms (because all that spamming during that weekend almost killed me, thanks again voters! Much love),  but to give meaningful content and interact with every reader. I invite you to try this positive minded tactic, not only do you maintain more positive thoughts in your mind, you reduce the feelings of losing. Remember what has been said in an older post THE POWER OF THOUGHT, I banish negative thoughts. My head is now a happy place, crowded with joy. Are you willing to try that? Before you answer, think about this: “Realizing the way how I see things in life, do you think I feel happy?” Find the positive aspect in everything and focus on it. I have almost beaten bigger and more experienced blogs and furthermore I reached out to a broader public of readers. I win, what do we do next?

on the turn readers

Well, that is the reason of my absence. I was already with my mind on the next thing. The universe provided me with a new friend who has the same mindset as I have. We have made some short term and long term plans together. I met him after I made my decision to turn my life over, but it is so powerful to say: “Let´s do it!” So we did and already put some things in motion. The focus is captivating because it is about making your own decisions in life, for everything. That is why my days are so long now, got to start making a planning for the weeks and months to come.

Never thought that giving up my job and being jobless would be to have such a busy schedule. 🙂 It still  amazes me, but then again it shouldn´t. I was a little bit asleep, now I am just as curious like a little child. Man, if I could just give you a small peek into my mind. I think about everything now, I visualize my future, I believe it, I act like it, I prepare for it and do be mistaken I already see the development.

A farmer plants his seeds and believes he will harvest what he sowed, he nurtures the growth, he prepares himself for the results. Wow, so simple and powerful at the same time. Typical Jim Rohn. He is a daily inspiration to me, I advice you to learn more about this man if you do not already.

So what have I been up to? I just came back from some days in Rome, which was an amazing getaway. Spending time with very friendly people, delicious food (no seriously, I can eat Italian food from today until  my last day), an amazing city with important history and also beautiful women. The beauty of the italian women lays in their confidence, so you walk on the street and see a prima donna and you say: “Uff I will love you forever”. Forever being of course untill you turn your head around and see an other woman. Mama mia, che bisteca! Haha 🙂 Do not judge me, you know what are the first words you learn in a new language and I am being very nice here. Now I am not trying to be superficial here, allow me to clarify. Confidence is attractive and a person who is confidence is someone who has self-knowledge. If you know yourself, you know best how to highlight your strongest points. I like that, I like women like that, I like people like that and I give them respect for it because don´t we all want to be confident and have self-knowledge? I know I do. I am a human been, I am a man and I am just incapable of not looking at a beautiful woman. Una bella ragazza. But I am grateful that my mind works on more levels now, to analyse this and see the beauty beyond, just makes it easy for me to give the adequate amount of respect. James Brown sings: “It´s a man´s world, but it would mean nothing without a woman” I believe that, just because historically we are hunters, killers, ambitious and creators. Just look how far that we have come with what man has done, but you would be foolish to think that we did it alone. (Nota bene: Marie Currie is one of my idols and inspirations, so obviously there are more perspectives)

perspective 6 9

We hunted to feed our families, we killed to protect our families and we created because we wanted to provide a better life for our families. Which would never have excisted in the first place if not for women. These women survived with us during these crazy, primitive and aggressive times, the world would not be the same without them. So ok, you can look at that beautiful woman in the street. Since we are all the same under the same sky, but don´t you dare to do it in a way that makes someone feel uncomfortable or without respect. You would not be alive if not for the love and care of a woman. Same goes for women, looking is not a man´s game. You go girl!

During this visit in Italy I read a book that is called: Choose yourself by James Altucher. I thought the title was fitting my new lifestyle. An easy read, which is nice on a holiday so you can read a chapter or two in the morning or after dinner and not feeling to much committed. Because Hey! I am in Rome, have to life in the moment and absorb all you can.


I especially liked that the author is open and clear in his path to success and happiness, how he learned from his mistakes and how he handles failures. This combined with his daily practise, I really took that to heart and practice it for myself. But this is not actually why I make this remark. I read a lot of books now, meaning the one after the other. I even carry a second one when I am about to finish one soon. What surprised me about Mr. Altucher is how he starts the book. Finishing the book I realize now that he is smart, not knowing this man before. (I just got acquainted with this book because it was recommend by Tony Williams.) And that he is rich, so he stated that he will give back the money if you have purchased the book, read it and prove that you have bought it. Small detail though, **Within the first three months of the official publication date**. Rats!! I could not care less when this book was published, just that I have read it and found its content meaningful. Hmmm, got me thinking. Maybe I can win something here without losing something. When I decided to purchase this book I made a decision, now I am happy to add it to my collection and am not interested in the money. Which was just 8,71 euros. So I am not interested in a direct win, I am talking about something indirect. Does not matter. Winning is winning, agreed?

choose yourself ticket

choose yourself book

This is the prove of the book. That brown paper was my protection for it, now ripped and covered with marks of all the different places where I have been reading. I do that because I protect things I like and now it just has more character. The other paper are some of my notes, so I found it a good book because it fueled my brain.

How do I plan to win if I have nothing to loose? Well, quite a coincidence actually since I just wrote impulsively and instinctively about the sensitive subject, the other sex. Women. Not to create a possible conflict; please no, just no! My intentions are good here and so they appear of Mr. Altucher. He provided the choose to his early readers to receive the money for themselves or that he would donate it to a charity of his choosing being: WomenForWomen International.

Here is my try to win without having something to loose: Please Mr. Altucher, I enjoyed reading your book and nothing would make me feel even better if you would donate my purchasing price to this charity. (I will contact him by the mail given in his book and cross my fingers I guess).

Please click here if you wich to donate to WomenForWomen International.

Alright, I feel back on track again. Looks like my pen is on fire! Do not let me mislead you, in the end I needed those 15 hours. Let´s learn from your mistake Bram and give at least some consistency to this blog, that is the least that the readers deserve. Today I wrote on my TODO-list: FINISH THE NEW BLOG POST and I did, but I did it with a smile thanks to a new woman in my life. I have never met her in person and first contact was as a competitor in a competition. Funny how things go wright? My sense of happy thoughts combined with her compassion looks like the beginning of a productive and friendly relationship. Please allow me to present to you a woman who gave this blog support in its time of need. The motivating Kim Orlesky. I have had the pleasure of having some e-mail correspondence with her and she proves to be a person with genuine interest and true motivation in helping others. She is one of those women who tries to make a difference for the better. I am truly glad to count her into my circle of people that I know. Thanks for the little boost Kim! I feel back on tracks, just like the featured picture where I go fast downhill, but in the wright direction.

@Women: Feel good about yourselves, because you all are.
@Men: Give the women in your lives the love they deserves.

3 thoughts on “Love women wright

  1. Thank you so much for your beautiful words. You made me cry. I know you are going to do amazing and successful things with your life, Bram. I’m so fortunate to have you in my circle

    Liked by 1 person

  2. not every man can “…see the beauty beyond…”
    not every man can “… give the adequate amount of respect…” to a woman
    But if this man knows what be confident is and want it to himself as well … that will happen naturally

    Thanks for writing about women in a such sweet way !

    “VIVI IL MOMENTO” and appreciate women hahahah

    Liked by 1 person

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