Giving back, the unspoken lesson of animals

Your parents are always the first and most important influencer’s in your life. Luckily for me I had great parents; not perfect ones, but neither was I a flawless son. As I invest more and more in myself I discover old things for the first time, because of the seeds that my parents planted. The first one being the most important one, the seed of life. It probably was also the most fun seed to plant. Next the seed of an education, I got the real life approach here. All the necessary tools were provided to me, not the answers. My parents struggled to design the life that they wanted for themselves, as so many others do. Yes, sometimes it would have been useful to receive clear answers; lots of times they just simply did not knew them and thus could not provide them. I learned afterwards that this was a tremendous gift, not a poisoned one like a smartphone. I mean, I needed to put my mind into action and find out things for myself; things that basically could not be given to me. A smartphone knows everything, that is why it is poisoned. Where is the station? Check phone! What should we eat in this restaurant? Check phone! What is the last tweet of @lifeontheturn? Check phone! Don´t get me wrong once that I had a smartphone there was no going back. The same as when I used the toilet for the first time I never went back to the potty. If I think about taking a step back I always remember the movie Braveheart, the fight for freedom. That is a victory that would never be dishonored, never let to be returned as before; as they fought for something better. A life of freedom! So obviously I am being dramatic here, but I can find truth in the words of either: a child, a mid-aged average joe, a retired professor, a dog, a movie, a whatever. Wait?! Can dogs speak? School is not the only place of knowledge, it is trapped between four walls. You can not put life in one box. It is everything outside of these walls that teach us what we need to know, the teachings of life. Be a student of life!

obsession-with-smartphones  – Banksy –

Use your tools wisely. Use a smartphone to improve your life, not to avoid asking a stranger in the street, not to avoid the company at your dinner table, not to avoid talking to the people in front of you. Learn in school but not only there and do not be afraid of your crazy thoughts! When we are learning we should not be embarrassed of: who taught us, where we learned it or how we remembered it. So I still I shout with glory: “but they will never take our freedom!”, whenever I am used to something better than before and refuse to give it up. It is funny, it is true and it is easy to remember. Hmmmm I just wish I could have done it with some other exams. 🙂

As my parents have been influencing me all my life with their advise or by their attitude like: “I do not know the answer son but you should investigate on your own if you want to know it”  have I also been influenced by all the people who have been supporting this blog since the startup true the #SUCCESBlogStars competition. It gave me the impulse to write this post as a thank you note, but got me thinking: “How can I do that little extra?”. So many people have given me nice comments, asked questions or started following this blog or IG or Twitter and I try to inspire them with courage and joy. I do the same with my friends and I keep the friends around who do the same for me. Then I got it! I found that little extra, since I was moved with the positivity of people towards me. They liked my blog, my thinking, my writing, my philosophy. It was then becoming clear to me, that if I wanted to do good and people recognized that in me; that I could look to myself for that extra goodness. Here is what I have found.

Meet: Roca  P1000017 IMG_20150901_125250

She is our dog, the queen of the house. We have her since she was a puppy and she is a member of our family. We love having her and she teaches us everyday what unconditional love means. Animals can do that, they maybe think less than we do but their simplicity can teach us a lot of things. One day my father came home with a second dog, this time a street dog. Found left alone, abandoned by someone who does not understand what love is. With us though he would live the life of a god, so we named him Thor.

IMG_20150901_125245 IMG-20150724-WA0012 (1)

He turned out to be a lovely, highly intelligent dog and he also loves us unconditionally. Like I do too, I love these animals and enjoy their company. So I have decided to thank all the supporters of this blog, of this medium that describes a journey, this platform of inspiration with a one hundred dollars donation to PETA. It is an acronym that stands for: People for the Ethical Treatment for Animals. One of their main focuses is to stop cruelty against helpless animals, I can relate deeply to that. Never in the world would I allow harm against my animals, against no animal in general.

peta donation 100

– Click here if you also want to make a donation to PETA –

Again thank you everybody for supporting and inspiring. I hope you find something good to do today, listen to a child, speak to stranger, do not ignore your loved ones, treat the helpless good, inspire and allow to be inspired!


Because we do good by our dogs, they reward us with happiness. If you do good, you will receive the same thing.

Thank You!

4 thoughts on “Giving back, the unspoken lesson of animals

  1. The true and unconditional love of animals… i love my dog, he’s my sweet son 😆… ellos nos enseñan muchas cosas día a día… no entiendo la gente que los abandona 😤…. great post 👌

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  2. Hey Bram
    Wat een mooie blog heb jij. Ik wist echt niet dat jij zo spiritueel aangelegd was.De dingen die je schrijft zijn autenthiek. Ik dacht dat jij eerder een rationeel type was maar ik heb me helemaal vergist. Je woorden klinken boedischtisch. Ze komen vanuit een zoekende ziel in verbinding met moeder aarde.Ook de foto’s zij prachtig .Je kan er minutenlang naar kijken en blij worden.
    Kus. Martine

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  3. Keep up the good work! it’s inspiring to read, boeddhist Brambo.
    As I said before: If you want to tast a little freedom, your always welcome!
    Mi casa es su casa!

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