The moment you start to turn you start to see the other side

Once I made the decision to turn my life around I felt relieved, free and happy. All these new possibilities were there for the taking. It had a powerful effect on me from the very beginning. I started immediately with shifting my priorities around, promoting time to the top of the list. Never would an excuse be good enough in order to waste my precious time. How should I be spending my time? Well, very simple. By being HAPPY!

Hey hold on now, I am a positive person, fully aware that happiness is not having the best of everything but making the best of everything, so I would not say that I have the reputation for being a unhappy person. How could I be? I got the basic checklist pretty good covered. A job that paid the bills, some good friends to spend free time with, a healthy body and my own place to live. Yes, it is as good as it sounds. You know why it was not enough for me? I was not living towards my full potential, although I was good at my job it was not my passion. I guess this was my trigger, my reason to choose a pursuit of greatness over just doing good. It became clear to me if I could occupy my time with my passion that I would be happy.

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why

– Mark Twain –


This does not mean that I have a clue where this change of course will take me though. Only the first corners of this road were visible, nothing more nothing less. I guess this is the reason why so many people are afraid of turning their life over. Well, that was also the case for me, until now off course. The new reason to aim for sincere happiness is worth all the future failure that may come along. Just traveling this new path already brings me joy. It allows me to live different than before.

When a friend told me about the -Camino de Santiago- that he just finished and how of a rich experience it was for him, he inspired me. One week later I met someone who had both big toes in bandages, so I asked what happened. I found it peculiar, I was being curious. Apparently it was from walking to Santiago de Compostela as well. My previous way of thinking would be: “Hmmm, well isn´t that a coincidence”. My new way of thinking told me: “DAMN, that is a sign of the universe dude!”  What I mean to say is that if it is good for me and I have no good reason to say NO, I will say YES! Haha I love it, so yesterday I bought a bus ride towards my starting point and a flight back home. All of this for the price of 21 euros, tell me again if this is not the bargain of the century for an experience of a lifetime. Not to forget that my first reaction could not have been better. A sign of the universe, what is that? It is a spiritual thing, far from my expertise but I am curious about it, however I listened to my gut feeling.

camino de santiago

I like where this is going! These small things mean that it is not always necessary to know where you are going, just figure out what is important to you in order to try and filter the wright decisions along the way. Mistakes will be made, but they will serve as a lesson. Many lessons later one will find himself with more knowledge. I am excited and enjoy every moment how my agenda get filled with new projects that I feel passionate about. Taking time to figure it out and making all the preparations is a good way to smooth in the transitions, because no matter what it all will be turned around soon.

I wonder what else is around the corner?   😉

3 thoughts on “The moment you start to turn you start to see the other side

  1. Good luck with the Camino… or as they say, “Buen Camino!” I didn’t walk all the way to Compostela, due to time constraints but hope to pick up the trail again some time in the future; for me, the walk was memorable even despite this!

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