Let´s set our goals

It is easy to say that you are going to do something, but it is also dangerous for your credibility. Who will believe you again, if your words never translate into actions? That is wright, nobody! So I guess we need some type of plan, to set some goals. I have been making goals all my life without being fully aware that I did so. For example when I wanted a toy I said to myself: “My birthday is coming up, I am going to ask for this toy” Muhaha, a perfect plan that almost always worked. So at a young age we make decisions of what we want and search for a way to get it. We were making goals. Sometimes it did not go so easy, maybe the toy was a little bit expensive. Then my parents would say “No, not that toy but you can choose something else! “. Uff definitely not happy when that happened. The whole point of making goals is finding out a way to check them off our list. Now goals should also be dynamic, every day has the power to change what we want, need or what makes us happy. That being said, you should expect for these setbacks and you should never give up when things get difficult.

As a young adult you get constantly reminded that our society has a preprogrammed place for us. In school you have to walk in line, like it is not enough to go to the same place but we had to walk on the same path. We got the same homework and our grades got compared with everybody of the class. If you were good at math but got the worse grades for English, you could be embarrassed during that class when you got back that “bad” test. The teacher could bring your moral down, or even your classmates could tease you during class and even later at the playground all the way until your fb timeline. This really messes with our minds, I even believe that this kills the individual imagination from a lot of children between the time from kindergarten until graduating from college. Think about a drawing of a child that consists only of lines, but they would tell you that it is a Minion on a jet-ski. If that is not imagination I do not know what is.

Some of these disappointments are necessary to filter and match our expectations with our capabilities. Because as setting goals can help us drastically improve our life or turn it to our liking, it is absolutely imperative that we are able to check off some goals of our list. Check! Aaah, good feeling! Celebrate your accomplishments, no matter how small. But in order to do that we should never forget that childish warrior attitude. If you wanted to be a musician but could not produce a lot of talent at a young age, maybe they would advise you to do something else. Maybe you listen and drop your passion. Children do not think that way, they adapt really quickly to the situation. Sometimes it does not take more than a little cry session in public. Before we knew it we sat in the back seat of the car on the way home with that toy on our laps smiling and thinking: “Ok, it did not go according to plan, it was more difficult as anticipated but I could not care less”. Looking back I consider that a sign of success, knowing what you want and not giving up until you reached your goal.

So I am going to dig deep, to make that new list of goals for which I too am prepared to do what is needed in order to accomplish them. Accumulating some little Aah-moments. Checking goals off my list, but more importantly feeling progress. Day by day getting a little bit closer to success, whatever that may mean to me.

4 thoughts on “Let´s set our goals

  1. without goals we are like a paper boat in the stream, we are going somewhere but we dont know were! sure we are going to learn, and have adventures, and even enjoy life,but we dont know the stream is the captain, instead of our selves.

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  2. This is such a great post! I strongly believe that each person is an individual and as such, has individually different definitions of success. This is why children have these amazing and unbiased views on what they want to be when they grow up; be it an astronaut, a zookeeper, or in my case a garbage collector because I thought it would be so much fun to ride all day on the back of a truck with the wind in my face! Then somewhere along the line society imposes what is viewed as success. This starts with getting good grades in “mainstream” classes in preparation for a “proper” job that will put money in the bank. Diversity is diminished and those who strive to be “different” end up being labelled as “dreamers”. We need to start sending out a positive message that there are different paths and definitions of a successful life, which I believe your blog does which is why it is getting the recognition it deserves. After all, everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid!

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