What is this blog about and who writes it?


My name Bram and I am an ordinary guy that lives an ordinary life. I was raised in a middle class family, I went to school and got a diploma. I have a technical degree, so I found a job pretty fast. I liked it! Before I was a poor student and suddenly I had money to buy nice things. Life was good, life was changing and I was happy about that. Like everything new it was exciting and fun, the days flew by. As the time passed I learned more about the job and so I increased my value. Now I could help more people than before, so what happened? The obvious, more people wanted my help. Which is a good thing, I got satisfaction because my skills where noticed and needed. So before I was spending more time learning and improving myself, after what we say “the-working-in-period” I was helping more other people than learning and improving myself.

Still life was good, I honestly could not complain, but I did! I was working harder than before. so I wanted more money than before. Which I got, not much but just the wright amount to not complain. For a while! Because as Bob Marley said: “Money is numbers and numbers never end.If it takes money to be happy, your search for happiness will never end”. So even tough I got a small raise from time to time, I was still considering a change.

And yes, if you want change and search for change, change will happen. For me that change was switching to a different job, still for the same company, but in a different country. Ooh boy was I excited. I did not knew what I was getting myself into but this new adventure was a new source of motivation. It was hard, because I just started at that company and so I did not receive the executive treatment. This basically meant I had to do the most of the preparation and work myself. But hey, I choose this, this made me happy and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

A new job meant I had to learn and improve my skills once more. I could feel that I was learning and so improving myself. Suddenly this new venture was not a scary undertaking anymore, but a nice new phase in life. But it happened again! Since I was getting better, more needed, I wanted more. This time the raises where still coming, but they did not give the same amount of satisfaction as before. This new job included a lot of travel on a national level. So once I got to know the country better I did less touristic things and found that I had more time for my mind to reflect on my life.

First I thought these up´s and down´s are normal in life, which is true but not these kinds. Not to me! Why? There was a certain pattern to it. New changes made me happy and improved myself in various ways, but these changes where only met with more work than compensation. Suddenly I saw myself as a complainer, thinking that I deserved more, but no authority to gain it. So I could not change the situation about my compensation, even tough my boss said that I exceeded expectations; but I could change myself.

So I did! I quitted my job! No other job lining up, not even looking for it. Just quitting my job and wanting to travel, to read and to learn in order to improve myself. This is the topic of my blog and so much more, because I will not just write down my thoughts. Instead I will be writing about my actual life, notice is given, almost no plans are made, the contract for renting my apartment will stop in less than two months, but I am happy and excited.

Everyone is invited to read about my experiences and hopefully wants to interact with me as I hope to show that pursuing your gut feeling does not mean a disastrous end of your life, but maybe, just maybe, it will prove to be the best decision of my life.

I guess we will find out soon enough!

12 thoughts on “What is this blog about and who writes it?

  1. I’m excited for you brother! Glad to hear you are doing well and I can’t wait to see where this adventure brings you. Enjoy the journey man, I’ll be following your blog along the way.

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  2. Estoy super contenta y feliz por que vas a hacer lo que quieres …no muchas personas saben hacer eso!!! Vayas a donde vayas … estaré leyendo sobre tus aventuras… we love u Bram !!

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    1. I agree with you Elizabeth. Every companies best interest are the people who work everyday to make that company succeed.So they should invest in their people to the full extent, but that is not always the case. Maybe why they get away with it so often is because people also stop to invest into themselves and that is the biggest mistake you can make.


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